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Implementing technology to improve workflow and save time

Discover how Bain & Brothers, a well established and rather traditional law firm, evolved from legal tech sceptic into technological frontrunner. Get to know the Bain & Brothers employees and how they use and benefit from it's ‘plug and play' technology.


Specialised in easter egg legal affairs

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12 employees

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A divorce from interruption

The video above confirms a common phenomenon: Knowledgeable and senior lawyers at the office, such as Tom, get interrupted on an hourly basis with questions about precedent clauses or cases. In Tom’s case, colleagues felt the need to add small talk to the conversation and ask how he is dealing with his recent divorce…

Since Henchman, Tom and his colleagues interrupt each other's workflow far less and get to spend more time increasing value for their clients. To top it off, Tom’s Tinder profile has been Lit! We have yet to determine causality, but we are very happy for Tom, Rebecca, Trisha, Eve, Isabelle, and many more.

There is a Linda in all of us

One of Bain & Brothers most loyal and devoted employees is Linda. She works harder than anyone in the office but tends to forget what she had for breakfast, or where she can find the clause she needs. Henchman is designed with the Linda’s of this world in mind.
Linda simply types in certain clause or definition titles, or content, and Henchman suggests relevant precedent clauses from Bain & Brothers’ entire database.

Linda has always had a passion for arranging flowers and origami. Before Henchman, Linda was forced to work long hours, barely having any free time for her hobbies. Today, colleagues often refer to the office as Bain & Flowers...

Steve Lit, S-dog, Mr Lit, The mentor

This is where the user story takes a weird turn. A lot of people don’t know about Steve, but the proverbial entrepreneurial bug bit him when he was still an infant. Consequently, after witnessing Henchman’s brilliance, he saw an opportunity to resell Henchman as a “legal messiah”.

A powerful, yet brief, career as 'The Mentor' was launched and quickly stranded. Steve went back to being the lawyer he was, where he enjoys the value of Henchman on a daily basis: Searching for previously written clauses, all within his Microsoft Word environment!

Taking contract drafting into the stratosphere

Steve made millions… of takes to create his promotional video. Followers appreciate his effort, just like we appreciate people looking for clauses without Henchman. It’s cute.

I have a dream

Some of you might not know this, but Steve loves himself a good romantic comedy covered with buckets of drama.
But even that knowledge could not prepare us for this email (and attachment)

Steve Lit - Senior Associate
Subj: I have a dream

Dear Henchman,

My life took some weird turns the last few months, but I am in a better place now.
As Julius Ceasar once said: ‘Why waste time looking for clauses?’

You mean a great deal to me, Henchman. I will let the attachment speak for itself

Steve Lit

The attachment 📂

Meeting Louis Litt is like using Henchman. I've waited for this my entire life.
Steve Lit
Bain & Brothers

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