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We enable legal teams to spend more time on things that matter

Henchman reinvents legal experts’ drafting experience, allowing them to enjoy their newly acquired freedom as they see fit.

We are Henchman

We are all potential experts.
The mark of an expert isn't just found on a piece of paper.
Expertise comes from spending time in your ‘zone of genius’.

Do not waste time becoming an expert in ‘monkey work’.
Do not spend resources on tasks that do not require self-improvement.

Learn from fellow experts in the making.
Do not limit yourself to operating within your own mental space.

We believe technology should work for the user and not the other way around;
focus on the user and all else will follow.

We will raise the bar. We do not settle for “we can’t”.
We will change what experts expect from their technology.

We are Henchman.

Nice to meet you! 👋

Meet the team behind Henchman. We play hard and work even harder.
Every individual is handpicked based on expertise, culture, and flower arranging skills.

Wouter Van Respaille

Technical & Security


Jorn Vanysacker


Gilles Mattelin


Adriaan Lemmens

NLP Engineer

Bram Monstrey

Lead Software Engineer

Sofie Buyse

Product & Marketing

Maarten Mortier

Product Strategist

Robert Uzieblo

Account Executive & Legal Counsel

Kristien Francoys

HR & Finance

David Du Pré

Non-Executive Advisor

Jeroen Zweers

Non-Executive Advisor

Your office days just got better

  • Henchman Beta House in Fuerteventura for 4 weeks in January 😎
  • Flexibility to work remote or flex in Meetdistrict Ghent, Antwerp, or Brussels
  • Unlimited paid holiday
  • Alan health insurance
  • Damn great colleagues!

Be a leader

Henchman value #1

Think big

We are bold and audacious.

Lead by example

We are open, honest and constructive.

Be humble

We’re serious about our jobs but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Grow together

We have an impact on our fellow Hench(wo)man’s growth.

Focus on the user and all else will follow

Henchman value #2

Be passionate

We are passionate about every customer touchpoint.

Assume nothing

In user behaviour and data we trust.


We commit, regardless of the outcome.

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