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Polish large pieces of text with more relevant information


With some simple commands, our AI Clause Assistant can generate suggestions or improvements for existing clauses and definitions tailored to your specific use case. Make it easier to write revisions without leaving your contract: instantly compare any changes, and browse through alternative versions to select the snippet that resonates most.

Replace, pluralize or singularize entire sections of text hassle-free

Use case: Replace a (string of) words

Efficiently tailor your contracts to your needs. Select one or multiple words that you want to replace, and let us adjust your entire text to the correct grammatical spelling. Watch how any piece of text, synonyms included, adjusts itself when changing the subject from single form to plural, or vice versa.

Translate any clause within seconds

Use case: Translate to your preferred language

Save time and money looking for the right adaptations. By automatically detecting the language your original document is in, we can swiftly translate it for you. Select the clause(s) you want to translate and the language you want to see it in – we take care of the rest.

GPT-4 on its own

  • Trained on publicly available data
  • Hallucinate bad legal terminology
  • Use poor interfaces that require copy/pasting legal text into 3rd party apps
  • No legal-specific shortcuts

Henchman + GPT-4

  • Enhanced AI: Trained on a combination of publicly available data and your firm's database
  • Use your existing clause database to generate suggestions that fit or extrapolate your precedents
  • Use straight from Word in a uniform flow
  • Legal-specific shortcuts such as: Translate, Help me write and Smart Replace

Kristof Cox Ph. D - Partner at Deloitte

"Legal tech should definitely play an increasing role in assisting lawyers with the complexity of legislation and economic scenarios."

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About Henchman

The fastest contract drafting experience ever made

Henchman is a Microsoft Word add-in that helps you draft contracts faster by retrieving your previously written clauses from your contract repository and presenting these clauses to you within your trusted Microsoft Word environment.

Microsoft Word Add-in

Fetch, compare and replace clauses without leaving Microsoft Word.

No setup, no maintenance

Zero preparation is required from your end. Updates happen automatically.

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