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Privacy & cookie Policy

General terms

  • This privacy policy of Henchman BV, with registered seat at Loverstraat 144, 8710 Wielsbeke (Belgium), registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (“Kruispuntbank van Ondernemingen” or “KBO”) under enterprise number 0748.395.184 (LER Ghent, section Kortrijk) (“Henchman”, “we” “our”, or “us”) (the “Privacy Policy”) informs you about how Henchman collects and manages Personal Data, and contains important information with respect to the following matters:
    • what Personal Data we collect from you and for which purpose, through our website (the “Website”) and Henchman’s legal drafting solution and/or web-dashboard) (the “Solution”);
    • the measures to safeguard the security of your Personal Data;
    • and your rights with respect to your Personal Data.
  • Henchman explicitly confirms that all Personal Data is processed in accordance with the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (“General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR”). All capitalized terms not defined in this Privacy Policy will have the meaning as set forth in the GDPR. This Privacy Policy is not intended to override the terms of any contract you have with us, nor any rights you might have under GDPR.
  • This privacy policy applies to the processing and transmission of Personal Data by Henchman, via the Website or the Solution. By using the Website or the Solution or by providing us with Personal Data, you explicitly agree with the manner of processing and collection by Henchman of his/her Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  • We strongly urge you to read this notice and make sure you fully understand our practices in relation to your Personal Data, before you access or use the Website or Solution of get into a contract with us. If you read and fully understand this Privacy Policy, but remain opposed to our practices, you must immediately leave this Website or the Solution, and avoid or discontinue all use of the Website or Solution. Where you have read this policy but would like further clarification, please contact our CTO, Wouter Van Respaille, via

Personal Data

  • By using the Website or the Solution, Henchman collects and processes your data. Some elements of such may qualify as Personal Data. Henchman collects Personal Data through the following channels:
    • Personal Data provided by yourself through input on the Website or Solution: for example, contact details when subscribing to a newsletter, or account details provided by a user for use on the Solution;
    • Personal Data provided by a user of the Solution through use of the Solution interfaces, for example, content uploaded to the Solution;
    • Personal Data collected by Henchman through the use of the Website or the Solution, for example, through the use of cookies.
  • Henchman may process following Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy:
    • account and/or contact details (first name, last name and email address from contact persons or users);
    • job title related data (job title, organization, department, country);
    • technical data (such as IP-address);
    • contract data (any Personal Data included in the data and content made available by the customer through use of the Solution interfaces).
  • Henchman will store and process your Personal Data on its servers located within the European Union.

Purpose of the Processing

  • Henchman will process your Personal Data for following purposes as Controller of the processing:
    • Providing our services: First, it will be necessary for us to process certain Personal Data to provide the services made available to you as a user pursuant to and in accordance with the customer contract (including account and/or contact details, job title related data and contract data). Given that as a user you are subscribing on behalf of an organization, we have a legitimate interest in processing your Personal Data for the conclusion and performance of our contract with the customer. We may also use this information to establish and set up your account, verify or re-issue a password, log your activity and contact you in connection with customer support. This information helps us track expected milestones and deliverables but also any fraudulent activities or other inappropriate activities and monitor user integrity.
    • Customer management In order to provide optimal (future) customer experience, we process Personal Data such as account and/or contact details and job title related data for the purpose of customer management. We carry out this processing based on our legitimate interest in knowing our (potential) customer and maintaining our relationship with you, with a view to providing you a great (potential) customer experience.
    • Compliance: To maintain appropriate business records, to comply with lawful requests by public authorities and to comply with applicable laws and regulations or as otherwise required by law.
    • Marketing communications and continued business: All personal information related to the services or professional interactions with Henchman, including e.g. your contact details, is gathered, and processed also in the interest of our own marketing purposes and continued business goals. However, under the legal basis of ‘legitimate interest’, we only send information that you can expect to be related to your relationship with Henchman and relevant or of interest to you or your business. We may for example send you emails to inform you of our features and updates, newsletters, promotions or special offers that could be relevant or of interest to you to reach your business goals. You can at any time ‘opt-out’ by unsubscribing. You can also update your setting to no longer receive specific information. For marketing activities outside of the abovementioned scope, the legal basis of consent applies and thus your consent will be asked beforehand.
    • Marketing optimization - Cookies and other tracking technologies: Henchman, together with its marketing, analytics and technology partners, uses certain monitoring and tracking technologies (such as cookies), in order to maintain, provide, and improve our services on an ongoing basis, and in order to provide our (potential) customers with a better experience. Functionality tags/files do not require your consent and fall under the legal basis legitimate interest. For analytical and other tags/files, however, we request your consent before placing them on your device. You can give your consent by allowing cookies in your browser settings, by continuing to use our Website, or by clicking on the appropriate button on the banner displayed to you. All details are described in article 9 below.
    • Product development and improvement: We thrive to ongoingly improve our products and services in order to make them fit our customers’ needs. For this reason, and based on our legitimate interest in doing so, we process Personal Data (such as account and/or contact details, job title related data and contract data) and draw insights in relation to possible improvements and statistical purposes.
  • For above-mentioned processing activities which Henchman carries out in a capacity of Processor, Henchman will act under the responsibility of the Controller and in accordance with the processor agreement concluded between Henchman and the Controller.


Henchman shall take appropriate technical and organizational measures that are necessary for the protection of the Personal Data against accidental or unauthorized destruction, against accidental loss, as well as against the modification of or access to, and any other prohibited processing of the Personal Data. These measures will ensure an appropriate level of security.

Rights of the concerned person

  • Right to access;

    If you would like to view your Personal Data that has been processed by Henchman or have any questions about the processing of your Personal Data, you are entitled to exercise your right to access. Henchman will then provide you with information about the Personal Data that is being processed and on the source of such Personal Data.

  • Right of rectification or deletion;

    you have the right to request us, free of charge, to correct any incorrect Personal Data if such Personal Data would be incomplete or inaccurate. You have the right to request deletion of your Personal Data by Henchman.

  • Right to object free of charge;

    You are entitled to object at any time and without any motivation to the processing of your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

  • Other Rights;

    You have the right to request all your Personal Data in a structured and generally accepted file format.

    You have the right to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority should the processing of your Personal Data violate the applicable regulations.

    Each request to exercise your above-mentioned rights or any other questions concerning this Privacy Policy shall be addressed to our CTO, Wouter Van Respaille, via or by writing to Henchman BV, Attention: Wouter Van Respaille, Loverstraat 144, 8710 Wielsbeke (Belgium).

Term Disclosure of Personal Data

  • For certain purposes it may be required for Henchman to share your Personal Data with third parties. You, therefore, provide your express consent to share your Personal Data as described in this Privacy Policy. Henchman’s Processors and sub-Processors always act under our responsibility and in accordance with a processor agreement entered into between Henchman and its (sub-)Processors.

  • Other than as set out in article 3, Henchman will never share or sell your Personal Data with third parties for commercial purposes.


Henchman will save and process your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy until you withdraw your consent to process Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, or until the termination of the contractual relationship with the Controller (or Processor).

Updates of our changes to the Privacy Policy

  • Henchman is entitled to occasionally review and change this Privacy Policy in order to allow us to use your Personal Data for other purposes than those mentioned herein.
  • If Henchman would process your Personal Data in a manner different from that stated at the time of the collection of the Personal Data, we will provide you with a notice on our Website and on our Solution indicating that the Privacy Policy has been changed or updated and you shall have the possibility to object your consent in this respect.


  • By using the Website or the Solution certain Personal Data is being processed that is being collected automatically through the use of cookies such as IP-address, your type of browser and operating system, the number of times you visited the website and the pages you visited. This data is only being used to improve the Website and Solution and shall not be used for marketing purposes.
  • A cookie is a small amount of data generated by a website and saved by your web browser. Its purpose is to remember information about you. Cookies make it possible for a website to recognize your browser and to surf quick and easily on a website. If you don’t want a website to place cookies on your computer, you can change the settings of your browser accordingly.
  • There are different types of cookies, which can be divided into three categories:
    1. Necessary and Functional cookies: They are generally used to store and manage a unique identity, and to make the difference between the visitor and other users who visit the site at the same time, in order to provide a consistent and accurate service to each visitor and to improve the functionality of the site. They are usually the result of a visitor action, but can also be implemented as part of the provision of services that are not expressly required by visitors, but are offered to them. For example, cookies that memorize the content already visited on the Website, or the e-mail address and password you entered to log in during a previous visit. They can also be used to prevent from offering to the visitor a service that he has previously been offered and that he has refused. The use of functional cookies may also help us to provide content tailored to your interests, and save you time to connect again or to provide us again with certain information when you visit the website or try to access certain parts reserved for members.
    2. Statistics: They are limited to improving the performance and the Website and to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously. The main function of a performance cookie is to measure and monitor the visitor’s activity of the site. A performance cookie will help generate statistics and is used by webmasters using Google Analytics for tracking and analyzing online activities on their website.
    3. Marketing: Those contain a unique key that is able to distinguish the search patterns of individual visitors, or may contain a code that can be turned into a series of browsing habits or information about preferences of use, which are stored elsewhere.
  • Henchman uses functional cookies on its Website and in the Solution that are required for the good performance, maintenance and support of the Solution. You may disable the use of cookies through your browser, but this may have an impact on the performance and functioning on the Website and the Solution.

  • In addition, Henchman uses the following cookies of third parties on the Website:
    • Google Analytics: Henchman only tracks anonymized IP addresses in the context of Google Analytics. You can find out more about how Google uses your data here;
    • LinkedIn: Henchman uses LinkedIn to communicate and to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. You can find out more about how LinkedIn uses your data here;
    • Facebook: Henchman uses Facebook to communicate and to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. You can find out more about how Facebook uses your data here;
  • Should you be averse to the collection of cookies by this Website or any other Website, there are actions you can take with your personal Web browser settings.
  • Web browser settings can be adjusted to perform one or more of the following actions: delete all cookies, block all cookies, allow all cookies, block third-party cookies, clear all cookies when you close the browser, open a 'private' browsing session, install add-ons and plug-ins to extend browser functionality as it pertains to cookies.

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