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Security is our top priority

Henchman employs top-notch procedures and practices to ensure that your data remains private, secure, and compliant.

Henchman is designed to be GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001 certified to keep your confidential information secure. Combined with our well-beloved customer success team and rich set of integrations, we ensure full flexibility and guidance to be embedded in your existing business processes.


Henchman’s user and contract data is protected by AES-256, the industry-standard encryption algorithm. Additionally, strict identity and access management policies (such as single sign-on and two-factor authentication) ensure client data remains protected at all times.


Henchman was developed with GDPR-compliance in its core. By partnering with Deloitte, Henchman’s GDPR trajectory was thoroughly reviewed – resulting in the creation of a well-defined set of deliverables that are future proof when it comes to data privacy.


All infrastructure, people, and technologies critical to the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy of all data managed by Henchman is ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 is the leading international standard focused on information security.

Risk Management

Not only does Henchman run a company-wide risk management program based on the ISO 27001 standards – we also partner with leading vendors to go beyond these industry standards: from internal, educational phishing programs to continuous penetration testing.


Henchman’s services are built on industry-leading technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure the highest grade security of client data and best-in-class scalability. We pride ourselves in our uptime (99.99% in the last year).

Our platform is built with data access, integration, customization, and security in mind.
Wouter Van Respaille
Co-Founder & CTO Henchman

Frequently asked security questions

How can I learn more about how Henchman integrates with DMS systems?
We integrate with a broad variety of contract databases in a true plug and play fashion. Each integration is designed to eliminate any manual setup or maintenance required – allowing you to realize more value from their IT investments as soon as possible.

What happens when a customer connects their cloud environment to Henchman?
This is bespoke to every DMS system Henchman integrates with. Depending on the customer’s preference, we’re capable of analyzing either the whole database or just a subset – and can take over user permissions as the customer sees fit.

Can I set up Henchman so users will have to authenticate through SSO?
Absolutely! We allow customers to log in with their existing Google or Microsoft account via Single sign-on. It’s simple and secure! This also allows you to set up two-factor authentication if desired.

Language agnostic: how does it work?
Due to the nature of our technical set up, Henchman is equally performant in all languages. Our solution is perfectly capable of extracting, categorizing, and surfacing clauses and definitions regardless of language. Furthermore, we can enrich clauses with additional data for future reference.

What makes Henchman’s processor so unique?
Some call it magic, others say our developers did an amazing job. Our state-of-the-art solution revolutionizes contract analysis by effortlessly extracting and categorizing important information. Instantly get your clauses and definitions grouped, ranked, and enriched with additional data. This, in combination with the fact that we easily integrate with the most used contract databases, makes Henchman the go-to no-setup contract drafting solution.

How can I get a hold of Henchman’s Data Processing Agreement (DPA)?
Please contact sales for more information on our DPA.

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