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Our technology changes your life

Henchman’s technology automates data categorisation and extraction so you won’t have to.

How our engine works

Some call it magic, others say our developers did an amazing job when building our unique technology that "understands" the content of your documents. In any case, this technology allows Henchman to accurately extract information and insights from documents, such as clauses and definitions, and even categorise and organise these automatically for you.

1. Database connection

Henchman’s tech filters out contracts for you.

2. Extract clauses

Clauses and definitions get extracted from your contracts by our ‘virtual shredder’.

3. Add intelligence

Metatags are added. Clauses and definitions categorised automatically.

4. Experience simplicity

All your clauses at your fingertips in Microsoft Word. Pure conveniece.


Coming soon
coming soon

We are serious about security

Learn how we keep your clauses safe with modern, state-of-the-art security implementations. For additional questions please visit our FAQ's.

Secure SSL connection

We use SSL encryption everywhere as a possible for - SHA-256 with RSA Encryption - used in all sensitive data flows (banks).

Data sovereignty

Your data is never shared with other companies.

Encrypted storage

Passwords and verification tokens are stored encrypted in our data system. When a user disconnects from their cloud environment, we immediately delete the access tokens.

Penetration testing

Henchman undergoes regular penetration testing and security reviews which are designed to be GDPR compliant and to encrypt data at rest and in transit

Encryption at rest & in transit

Your data cannot be derived back to its content from any physical extraction

Data fragmentation

For fast and safe processing of your data, we “shred” the data into fragments that are re-assembled just-in-time.


We are Microsoft-certified. This shows you our add-in is published by Microsoft-trusted developers.

Do you have a specific question in mind?

Please visit our FAQ's or reach out to Wouter Van Respaille, CTO at Henchman. He’s done this before and is able to help.

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