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The Henchman user at the center of our product.

Our clients aren't movie stars (yet), but if there were Oscars for the best user story, we expect a few emails.
Here are some peers that use Henchman on a daily basis.

Spending more time on client interaction and delivering a better service.
Anette Walaker Hansen
Arntzen De Besche
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YPOG is not only spending less time on law value tasks, they also changed their work attitude with Henchman.
Hariolf Wenzler
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Henchman facilitates BG2V on a daily basis to tackle all clients' requests in a very short frame of time.
Woody Guirand
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Avery Law turned its existing database into a living knowledge management system
David Turney
Avery Law
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JPM gets relevant clause suggestions in Serbian, German and English.
Bojana Javorić Mićović
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How investing in legal tech helps Monard Law to delight its customers.
Stephane Criel
Monard Law
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Vriman achieves the best quality of service using Henchman.
Bas Mees
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Steve Lit, a fictional character with some very real (legal) problems.
Steve Lit
Bain & Brothers
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