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Why Henchman?

Not only do we offer the fastest contract drafting and negotiating solution.
Our award-winning UI and frictionless implementation is built for scale,
ensuring swift adoption among any team, in any region.

Plug, play, and draft away

Be up and running in a matter of days, not months

Forget about tedious manual set up and maintenance. We can deliver dynamic knowledge management to your desk in just a few clicks. Being built for scale, Henchman lets you leverage your (millions of) contracts without the hassle of creating and maintaining templates.

Life-changing and unique processing power

Our secret sauce makes your contract database more meaningful

Some call it magic, others say our developers did an amazing job. Our state-of-the-art solution revolutionizes contract analysis by effortlessly extracting and categorizing important information. Instantly get your clauses and definitions grouped, ranked, and enriched with additional data.

Equally performant in all countries

We recognize and process any language

As a language-agnostic solution, we make clauses, definitions, and titles fully searchable in any language. Already active in over 15 countries, we enable teams to work together more seamlessly.

We’re system agnostic and there when you need us

From your DMS of choice to your trusted Microsoft environment

Our out-of-the-box integrations create an intelligent layer on top of your DMS, which you can use in your platform of choice when drafting contracts (Microsoft Word or Outlook). Whether you’re just browsing through precedents or looking for a specific piece of information – we got your back.

The most secure and user friendly

We’re loved by many, even your IT team

Our award-winning interface isn’t the only thing that will make you never leave Henchman. Further investments in security (such as our single sign-on, ISO 27001 certification, ethical hacking, and more) ensure your data remains confidential.

More on Security

Award winning software

With great responsibility comes great software

We believe technology should work for the user, not the other way around

Nice to meet you! 👋
We're the Hench-gang, an enthusiastic team of seasoned SaaS professionals led by second-time founders. We interlace customer-centricity in everything we do, making sure every touchpoint you have with us brings you pure happiness and satisfaction.

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